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Based near to Reading, Pet Trade Livestock are experienced breeders of guinea pigs, which we sell to both private and trade individuals.  


Guinea pigs are wonderful pets; they're small, easy to handle and very vocal.


They are very popular with both children and adults, and prefer to be kept in pairs or small groups.


All of our babies are kept with their mothers until they are old enough to be sold. If you choose a baby guinea pig which is too young to leave its mother, don't worry, you can reserve the baby and collect it when it's old enough.

  • Smooth - smooth coated guinea pigs are the commonest type. The fur on these guinea pigs is very short and lies smoothly against the skin. The advantages of the smooth coated guinea pigs are that they require virtually no special coat care and they are particularly good for showing colour patterns.

  • Rough - This breed is described in the name! They are similar to smooth coated guinea pigs, but with more of a rougher coat

  • Abyssinian - The main characteristic of the Abyssinian's coat is that it grows in whorls, officially called rosettes. The coat texture is usually described as rough and harsh (but not as harsh as sandpaper!)

  • Teddy - Teddy guinea pigs have very dense and fuzzy hair that stands up. Because of the moderate length of the Teddy's hair, they often resemble a soft toy

  • Prices - £22.50 each or 2 for £40

Everything you need for your new family member

Pet Trade Livestock sells a wide range of accessories to make sure you have everything you need for your new pet. We are based just off junction 12 of the M4, please call us to make a viewing appointment.

•  Pet food

•  Straw and hay

•  Hutches

•  Animal bedding

Guinea pigs - £20 each

Pet Trade Livestock also offer free aftercare advice by telephone, just call us on:

07976 941 515

The ideal pet

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Guinea pigs - 2 for £35

We breed several varieties including:

guinea pigs Patchy guinea pig White guinea pig White and brown guinea pig Brown and white guinea pig